Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Holistic Therapies including Aromatherapy, Reiki, EFT, Human Design at The Believe Centre in Shirley .

Clinical Aromatherapy Massage using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils blended especially for you. Chosen not only for the smell but for the medicinal properties. Can help with a wide range of conditions such as aches and pains, insomnia, depression and many more. Stella is qualified to blend her own oils specifically for your own needs and clinical requirements. Unlike some beauty therapists that are only qualified to use pre-blended oils. Pre-blended oils are NOT used. Swedish Massage can help the body restore natural balance and improve circulation, skin and muscle tone, and help induce a feeling of deep relaxation. Some of the movements in this type of massage are a little more intensive. Indian Head Massage is normally performed through clothing. The top of the back, shoulders, neck, head and face are massaged with firm and gentle strokes. This relieves tension, aches and pains, headaches and eye strain. Oils can be used if required but are not essential. BENEFITS OF MASSAGE Relaxation, Stimulation, Detoxifying, Improved Circulation, Improved Mobility of Joints and Muscles, Improved Skin Texture, Relieves Tension and Stress, Improved Digestion, Metabolism and Vitality, breaks down Cellulite. Reiki is a very gentle treatment utilising the power of Universal Life Force Energy. The therapist acts as a channel for this energy. Reiki energy will be directed to where it is needed in the body. The therapist will use various hand positions on or just above the body to help direct the energy. It is a very relaxing healing treatment and can be used for a wide range of conditions. Stella is also a very experienced Tarot reader, and can help you with decisions in all areas of your life. Stella can often be found giving readings at local fairs or coming to you for Tarot Parties. Stella incorporates her knowledge of the Human Design System when working with clients. Based on a combination of Astrology and the I-ching, this system gives you a map of how you operate energetically and can be really useful in understanding why you get ill. To make an accurate chart birth details including D.O.B, place and time are needed. Aromatherapy Massages range from 20-45 Swedish Massage from 20-40 Indian Head Massage 20 Reiki from 15 Tarot 10-30 EFT from 40 per session. Human Design Charts from 50


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