Friday, 19 October 2012

suffering hair loss? hair building fibre user on regular basis? can collect ?

Hello to you and bye to hair loss . Are you suffering hair loss have bald patches , heard of hair building fibres? or if you use hair building fibres on regular basis but cant wait too long for delivery now available in Manchester can collect or can arrange delivery too. BEAVER Hair Building Fibres is a cosmetic breakthrough that immediately gives men and women thicker-looking hair, transform your appearance in 30 seconds.Made of pure organic protein, BEAVER Hair Building Fibres is completely undetectable and resistant to wind, rain and perspiration, yet easily washes out with shampoo. How does BEAVER Hair Building Fibers work? BEAVER fibers are made of all natural organic keratin protein, the same protein that hair is made of. The fibres are charged with static electricity so they intertwine with your own hair and bond securely. Just shake on the BEAVER fibers. They stay in place all day, all night. Directions Use on dry hair. Shake liberally over thinning areas. Gently pat hair to dispense fibres. And apply your favourite hair spray to secure the fibres . Close tightly and store away from moisture when not in use. BEAVER is top quality fibres which cling to you hair and not heavy in weight those who uses hair fibres on regular basis they know this fact if your hair fibres are cheap quality they will land on you scalp and will not give you the natural look so try NATURAL ORGANIC KERATIN PROTEIN HAIR FIBRES TO GET NATURAL LOOK !! 16.99 for 28grams container which last for 50 days if you use every day we accept paypal or alternatively you can collect too special price for salons if they order in bulk. Suitable for men and women Any question please call or text Thanks 07550356025


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