Friday, 12 October 2012

Semi permanent Glam eyelash extensions *

Pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home with semi permanent eyelash extensions Fablash is a mobile eyelash extensions service covering Lanarkshire and surrounding areas. I am a fully qualified eyelash specialist and can help you achieve your desired look. Professional semi permanent eyelash extensions are the fastest growing, new service in the UK and International beauty industry. Styles can range from a completely natural although enhanced looked, to a very glamorous more noticeable look and for those that really want to get their lashes noticed. The range can be tailored for everyday wear or for special occasions. Semi permanent eyelashes can last between 2/3 weeks with the right aftercare. Semi permanent glam extensions - 20 Marvel Express Lashes - 20 Removal - 7 or free if a new set of lashes is to be done Eyelash/brow tint can also been done to enhance the treatment Please contact for appointments and questions. Mob: 07738550332 Email: denise at


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