Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thai Massage by Professional Thai male masseur 1 Hr £35 Call 07792213012 -

Thai Massage is unique in its ability to reach deeply into the body’s inner tissue structure, providing a total release experience to muscles throughout the body. Whether you suffer from muscle strain and soreness, joint stiffness or you just want help in relaxing, THAI MASSAGE can help to restore your body’s well-being. TECHNIQUES: Unlike other massage methods, THAI Massage uses not only hands and fingers, but also the elbows, knees and feet to provide the right amount of directed pressure required for any particular application. Manop comes from a family of traditional YAO (Iu Mien), an ancient people from Southern China who have been offering alternative therapies in Thailand for generations. Manop has trained and practiced the art of Thai Massage in his native country for more than 5 years and now brings this unique massage art to Edinburgh. Thai Traditional full body massage 1 Hr 35 2 Hr 65 Thai oil relaxing massage 1 Hr 30 2 Hr 55 Thai deep tissue or Thai sport massage 1 Hr 35 2Hr 65 Thai Yoga massage 1Hr 30 1.5 Hr 40 Noted: this service is not a sexual services


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